Former Minmatar prime minister Karin Midular confirmed among Caille wounded

By CCP Gnauton


Karin Midular, current Sebiestor Tribal Chief and former Prime Minister of the Minmatar Republic, has been confirmed as one of those wounded in the terrorist attack that took place at the hands of a lone gunman earlier today on Gallente Prime. Details are sparse at this hour, but reports indicate the tribal chief is currently in critical condition after sustaining a serious head wound in the attack.

According to highly placed sources within the Minmatar government, Sanmatar Malaetu Shakor has been in direct contact with Federation President Jacus Roden, making a strongly worded demand that the shooter be extradited to the Minmatar Republic for questioning and trial. The same sources indicate that the President's response was negative, citing internal investigation and damage control at home as the primary reasons.

No details pertaining to the gunman's identity have been released yet, though unconfirmed reports indicate that he is of ethnic Gallente origin. His political or organizational affiliations, if any, are unknown at this time. He is reportedly being held and questioned by Caille authorities in preparation for transfer to an undisclosed governmental facility.

Protests and rioting have broken out in various cities across the Minmatar Republic, with dissenters calling for Midular to be sent home immediately along with the gunman. Midular's status as a Ray of Matar, a position of rarified cultural and spiritual significance to the Minmatar, is believed to account in large part for the extraordinarily rapid escalation of national anger.

Representatives of the Sebiestor Tribe were unavailable for comment, though the tribe this afternoon sent out a release expressing shock at the state of affairs while urging "tribal brothers and sisters, as well as all of our national brethren everywhere, to remain resilient in the face of this great and senseless evil."