Final details of Caldari Prime DMZ announced

By CCP Eterne

Luminaire – Caldari Prime will be divided into a number of districts that shall be split between Gallente and Caldari administration, while Mordu's Legion will provide security for the planet. After final negotiations, roughly fifty-four percent of the districts will fall under the Caldari jurisdiction of the Ishukone Corporation, while forty-six percent will be Gallente districts administered by Material Acquisition. The districts are purely administrative; they shall not be segregated by ethnicity.

The treaty has been signed into law by the Senate, President Jacus Roden, and the Chief Executive Panel. Inhabitants of the Gallente districts will be considered full citizens of the Federation and fall under all laws that previously applied to Caldari Prime prior to the Caldari invasion. The Caldari districts are under a more convoluted system, with individuals retaining corporate citizenship with their current megacorporate employers, though Ishukone will collect administrative taxes and apply their corporate law for civilian activities.

According to the terms of the treaty, Caldari Prime's two largest cities, Arcurio and Tovil, shall be split between the two sides. Tovil will fall under Caldari administration, while Arcurio has been placed within a Gallente district.

Mordu's Legion shall be solely responsible for defense and policing of the planet, with neither the Gallente or Caldari armed forces or any corporate police forces having jurisdiction. Mordu's Legion will be paid from a joint fund provided by the Federation government and the Chief Executive Panel, with each side providing an equal share to prevent the potential for bias. Vessels belonging to Mordu's Legion have already been spotted transporting troops, police, and supplies in preparation for a longer term stay.

In a joint statement released by both the Federation and State, the agreement was called “a compromise that provides the best path toward the preservation of Caldari Prime” and “the fairest resolution that could be reached.”

Ishukone has reported that its relief efforts are “going well” and that it receives continued support from the other megacorps, such as Sukuuvestaa, which diverted a shipment originally planned for the Navy to the relief effort. The majority of remaining combatants have been evacuated from the surface, with the few remaining to be removed by the end of the week. Power has been restored to two-thirds of those who had lost it, with estimates that the rest will be back to operable status within the next two days.