Federation Seeks Information on Suspected UDI Operatives

By Svarthol
The Federal Intelligence Office in a press release today stated that, according to an order handed down from Office HQ yesterday, the Federation will start giving out cash rewards for information potentially leading to the capture of several suspected UDI agents reported to be operating out of Gallente space.

According to the release, any sightings of the following personnel are to be reported immediately to FIO Deputy Director Deverin Gonate:

Garenis Toleitaane
Honadone Neartavis
Kolipon Vaneede
Junosana Sameker
Deprete Jonara
Alionis Fylmino

The FIO asks people to also include the name of the system the suspect was spotted in, along with the time of encounter, suspect's ship model and ship name. Rewards of 500,000 ISK will be handed out to individuals managing to give leads through confirmed sightings.

The operatives are believed to be armed and highly dangerous. Pilots encountering them are advised to refrain from engaging, and encouraged to contact the Federal Intelligence Office as soon as possible.

The release, coming only a week after the mysterious killing of UDI operative Goran Mitelek in Amarr territory, has prompted widespread speculation as to the Federation's intense determination to bring UDI operatives to justice.

According to one analyst, "I won't say ulterior motives, but I won't promise not to say it at some point in the future."

Responding to these allegations, Thuire Dercoucon, President's Office spokesman, retorted:

"The President finds all claims of foul play to be frankly hilarious. The Federation is engaged in protecting its assets and its way of life, both of which have come directly under attack from these individuals. The Federation wishes it to be known that if it is war they want, then it is war they will get."