Federation Navy fleet arrives in Luminaire, Caldari Navy deploys in response

By CCP Falcon

BREAKING NEWS – A large task force of Federation Navy capital-class vessels arrived in Luminaire moments ago, triggering a similar escalation from the Caldari Navy.

The exact composition of the Gallente fleet is still unknown at this time, although local magnetometric scans are rumored to display the signatures of dozens of capital-class vessels. Within seconds of the Federation Navy’s arrival, a sizable Caldari Navy fleet bridged into Luminaire from the border system of Kassigainen before the Federation Navy could reactivate its cynosural jamming systems.

The Caldari Navy fleet, consisting of a wing of Phoenix-class dreadnoughts and Chimera-class carriers, has made immediate contact with the Shiigeru and her support fleet in low orbit of Caldari Prime, setting up a defensive perimeter around their flagship.

At this time, the Federation Navy fleet remains concealed and has not yet made any advance on Caldari Prime. Federation Navy cynosural jamming systems are back on line, however, a development which has effectively cut off the Caldari fleet from further escalation.