Federation Navy deploys sizable task force, Caldari Navy responds in turn

By CCP Falcon

BREAKING NEWS – The Federation Navy has mobilized a sizable task force in response to the repositioning of the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru into low orbit of Caldari Prime.

A hail of cynosural distortion caused electromagnetic interference severe enough to momentarily crash traffic control and cynosural jamming subsystems on board the Luminaire stargate in Algogille, as an uncountable number of capital-class vessels departed the system approximately 30 minutes ago. 

In response, the Caldari Navy successfully jumped four Wyvern-class supercarriers across the border during the short window that the cynosural jamming systems were disabled in Luminaire. It is reported that the four vessels immediately rendezvoused with the Shiigeru in orbit of Caldari Prime on arrival, and are currently providing support after contact was reestablished with the surface just moments ago.

At this time there has been no release of information with regards to the destination of the Federation Navy task force.