Federation Navy announces inaugural FEDCAFT naval exercises

By CCP Falcon

ESSENCE – A combined fleet of Federation Navy, Customs and Tripwire vessels were seen departing Navy headquarters in Algogille this evening, shortly after an announcement from Admiral Anteson Ranchel declaring the beginning of the inaugural “Federal Combined Armed Forces Training” exercises.

In the press conference approximately an hour ago, Admiral Ranchel indicated that “these exercises are designed as a team building experience to strengthen the bonds between our armed forces. The goal is to further develop working relationships between divisions, in order to continue the enhancement of Federal border security after the events of YC110 and the attack in Evaulon last November. We also hope that the exercises will assist in further streamlining internal communication within the Gallente military.”

Soon after the press conference concluded, a fleet consisting of a pair of Soltueur class titans, flanked by four Erebus, eight Nyx class supercarriers and several squadrons of Thanatos and Moros class capitals, was seen departing Algogille to an undisclosed location somewhere in Placid. In response, the Caldari Navy has mobilized a significant portion of its fleet, which appears to be en route to the neighboring region of Black Rise in order to reinforce the border.

Several notable military experts have commented that this may be the explanation behind the name “Operation Highlander,” which was overheard during a Senate assembly on March 13. Both the Federation Navy and Senate remain unwilling to comment on the nature of this operation or the violation of the Gallente border by Caldari Navy forces on the evening of March 14.