Federation Minmatar report widespread discrimination

By CCP Eterne

Luminaire – Recently, many ethnic Minmatar have claimed that the wave of retributive violence against them throughout the Gallente Federation is a culmination of long-standing prejudice. These statements have elicited concern from both the Republic and Federation governments, who have both pledged to investigate.

“The discrimination is all over the place,” said Rogus Thrake, a Nefantar originally from the Ammatar Mandate. “Getting ahead in the Federation is difficult. When I came here, I thought there'd be opportunity and there is... as long as I was willing to do manual labor that no one else wanted to do. I used to oversee major renovations in the Mandate, but it took me a year to find a single management job in an Allotek factory.”

Similar reports have come from other Minmatar immigrants. According to their anecdotes, Minmatar are often passed over for white collar jobs, have difficulty securing loans, suffer needless setbacks in finding housing, and are otherwise treated substandardly.

“It is not malicious, but it is endemic,” said Dannette Burres, a Federation labor expert. “No one thinks 'I'm going to deny him a loan because he's Minmatar', but the thought process might go 'Minmatar immigrants are poorer and have a harder time getting jobs, so I have to charge higher interest to make the risk worth it.' This of course makes it harder to find housing or start businesses, which make it harder to find good jobs. It's an ugly cycle.”

The Republic Tribal Council has demanded an investigation be launched into discrimination against Minmatar in the Federation. The Senate has announced it will form a committee to look into the accusations, releasing a statement saying, “The Federation is a bastion of equality and liberty. The suggestion that a significant segment of our population have been treated unfairly based off their race is unthinkable. We must stand strong against it.”