Federation leaders clash as committee commences work

By Svarthol
The committee charged with coming up with a compromise solution to the fierce debate raging between the Senate and president Foiritan held its first meeting this weekend. The committee, populated with independent legal experts and scholars, must decide whether or in what way the constitutional changes advocated by president Foiritan can come about. These changes would allow him to run for the presidency again in two years time.

The leaders of the Federation, notably Souro Foiritan and Mentas Blaque, head of the Senate, have launched a verbal war in the media, hurling insults at each other in an attempt to sway the public opinion. Foiritan has accused Blaque of putting his own personal grievances above the sufferings of victims of terrorist attacks, while Blaque, when asked by a journalist whether he felt Foiritan was using his political clout to overwhelm his opponents, retorted that 'the only thing the president is clouding is his senses.'