Federation expresses dismay at Republic handling of Broteau

By CCP Eterne

VILLORE – Several Federation senators have attacked the Minmatar Republic for the hurried trial and execution of Gerne Broteau. Calling it a “mockery of justice,” the senators, many from the Solitude and Everyshore regions, released a joint resolution earlier today.

“The speed with which they tried, convicted, and punished Broteau shows the Republic never had any intent to actually see justice done,” the resolution read. “Instead this was a show trial all about exacting revenge. There was no legitimate attempt at providing a defense. The Republic paraded the accused in front of those he injured then took his life without thought. Everything was clearly premeditated without there being any chance for a 'Not Guilty' verdict or any punishment other than the death penalty.”

Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor responded to the resolution by saying, “Justice is the only thing that was served here. To extend this trial for the sake of allowing the accused to offer an ineffective defense would have made it a mockery. The Federation already found Broteau guilty of the crimes. The Sebiestor Tribal Court merely confirmed those findings and applied the punishment that fits with their laws. To call their proceedings into question is to question the judiciary proceedings of the Federation as well. Out of courtesy to our Federation friends I will refrain from comment on the topic of turning justice into a ‘show’.”