Federation denies Republic request for extradition of shooter

By CCP Eterne

Luminaire – Following the mass shooting of Minmatar at a cultural festival which has left 58 dead and 304 wounded, including Sebiestor Tribe leader Karin Midular in critical condition, the Gallente Federation has denied a request by the Minmatar Republic to extradite the shooter for trial. The Supreme Court made the expedited decision based on the unprecedented nature of the shooting.

In unanimously dismissing the request, the Supreme Court said, “This was a crime committed by a Federation citizen on Federation soil with a majority of Federation victims. It is the duty of the court to remain unemotional and make decisions based solely on the writ of law; we cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by base emotion. As such, we cannot, in good conscience, turn the accused over to the Republic tribal courts for prosecution.”

The Republic case for extradition relied primarily on the tribal membership of the victims, claiming that all crimes perpetrated against members of a Minmatar tribe fall under the jurisdiction of tribal law and thus should be prosecuted by tribal courts. The Supreme Court dismissed this argument, stating “The Federation does not recognize tribal law as being applicable within its territory. The laws of the Federation are the only laws of relevance in this matter.”

The decision went on to read, “This court also calls into question the capability of the tribal courts to provide a fair and just trial to the accused. In an event that is so emotionally charged, it is the duty of a legal system to provide non-biased jurors and justices to adjudicate the fate of the accused. The accused must be tried by a court of his peers and handed summary judgment by a justice who can be reasonably assumed to be free of any bias. In the opinion of this court, the Minmatar tribal courts would be wholly unable to fulfil either of these prerequisites.”

Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has called the decision “disappointing” and said he will not cease to pressure the Federation to turn the shooter over to the Republic justice system. “This crime was perpetrated against the Minmatar people. Many of those slain and injured were Republic citizens, some visiting family and friends in the Federation. All were Minmatar and members of a tribe. One of our Rays lies at death's door thanks to the actions of this deranged madman. The Federation cannot handle prosecution properly. It is virtually unthinkable that they will deliver satisfaction to the Minmatar people.”

In response to this latest news, the infamous terrorist organization the Bloody Hand of Matar released a statement saying, “Justice must be served no matter what. We will not rest until the crimes done to the Minmatar people are repaid tenfold. Whether this be against the perpetrator of the heinous acts or those who shield him from justice is up to the Federation government. We shall not rest.”

Other groups have arisen in response to the lack of extradition, but have focused on the failures of the Tribal Assembly to achieve a resolution. “The Tribal Council was meant to steer the Minmatar people toward a greater future,” said a spokesperson for the Warriors of Tribal Justice, a paramilitary group that has rapidly grown over the past week. “Yet the government continues to be ignored and denigrated by our so-called allies. Where is their Minmatar pride? If they will not act to bring this man to justice, then we will. Our numbers are few, but each of us is legion. We shall rise as often as we fall until the blood spilled has been avenged.”