Federation Brands Situation On Oijanen II A Humanitarian Crisis After Release Of Shock Footage

By Lina Ambre

VILLORE - Comments made by several Senators from Essence and Placid sparked controversy this morning, after the situation in Oijanen was branded a "humanitarian crisis" in a progress report meeting on the ongoing RP4 Kyonoke outbreak in Postouvin.

Representatives from the Supreme Court and the Senate's newly formed Kyonoke Oversight Committee were briefed on the ongoing efforts of Poteque Pharmaceuticals, Duvolle Laboratories and Genolution, who remain in constant communication with the quarantined population of the RP4 industrial installation in Postouvin.

In a statement made by Elelle Hose, a junior Senator from the Vieres constellation of Essence, the situation was branded a "humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions" with several more of the group commenting that the treatment of protestors by State Peacekeepers was "uncivilized, barbaric and shameful" after it was revealed that tear gas and non-lethal ballistics have been used to disperse crowds across the State along with the controversial practice of mass kettling.

Head Senator Andon Gardieu confirmed that an offer of Federal Aid to the State to assist with the crisis on Oijanen had been declined, a deal that was apparently in the process of being brokered by the Ishukone corporation.

The Chief Executive Panel has however agreed to meet with representatives from the Roden administration at an undisclosed location, for talks on information sharing between the State and Federation regarding the Kyonoke Plague.

Ishukone hailed the meeting as significant diplomatic step forward, despite the fact that both Lai Dai and Nugoeihuvi declined invitations to attend.