Federal Government announces handover of Arcurio

By CCP Falcon

LUMINAIRE – The Gallente Senate has announced this afternoon that the City of Arcurio will be placed under Ishukone administration on July 1st. The move comes after lengthy negotiations between Ishukone Administrators on Caldari Prime and Senate representatives in Luminaire.

In a joint press conference today, Ishukone administrative personnel stood alongside those from Material Acquisition as details of the handover were announced. The agreement places the three most populous cities on the planet – Tovil, Arcurio and Pakuri – under the administration of Ishukone after the planet was declared a demilitarized zone in the wake of Operation Highlander in March YC 115.

Ishukone’s Administrative Director for Caldari Prime responded to the announcement during questions, saying “the city of Arcurio is the historical and cultural capital of the Caldari State. It holds a special place in the heart of every Caldari, and of course is where the Caldari and Gallente peoples first made contact. It should remain preserved and protected under Caldari administration, after the damage sustained during Operation Highlander is repaired.”

The comment was met with agreement from Senate representatives, before it was confirmed that Mordu’s Legion Command have extended their contract with the two administrative corporations to provide security personnel and policing for the planet for a further four years until YC 120.

When questioned regarding the involvement of other Caldari megacorporations in the administration of Caldari Prime, Ishukone responded, “we are aware that several other megacorporations within the State have differences of opinion with regard to how administration should be handled.”