EVE Online: Revelations Deployment Underway

By Svarthol
The deployment of EVE Online: REVELATIONS is now underway. The first of three installments in EVE Online's second major game expansion, Revelations brings a wide range of new content, features, updates and improvements to the EVE Online universe. You can view this information by visiting the EVE Online: Revelations Features and Patch Notes pages. Dev Blogs with information on some of the recent changes, additions and features are also available.

Tranquility was disabled for the deployment at 0200 GMT on 28 November and is scheduled for 24 hours of code updates, database maintenance and optimizations. Updates on the status of the deployment will be added to this news item and the Message of the Day.

Please note: The Revelations Patch and Full client installation are not available for download at this time. Notification will be made here when the downloads are available. Do not download or install any test clients into your play directory. These test clients will not work when on Tranquility after Revelations has been deployed.

During this time, the Character Sheet and Player Forums will be disabled for Revelations deployment and database updates. When the deployment has been completed, these services will return.