Empire Navies put out call for capsuleer assistance

By CCP Eterne

Yulai – Acting on behalf of the navies for the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, and Minmatar Republic, CONCORD has put out a one-time call for capsuleers to provide backup on a “massive, sustained assault on high-priority targets”. Kilkkuken Mallen, Chief Intelligence Operative for CONCORD, said, “We are currently unable to provide details on the target, as this would represent a significant security risk in the operation. However, this threat is considered extremely high to all law-abiding citizens of New Eden. We ask that any capsuleer who wishes to protect civilized space gather up at our two rally points in Sarum Prime and Meves on November 7 for departure at 18:50.”

Mallen added, "This is a unique situation. We do not foresee having to repeat this call to action. Moreover, while we will of course be grateful for any assistance the capsuleers choose to render, we wish to make it very clear that after this assault, the empires will take care of any further military action. Capsuleers will not be required, and quite possibly not allowed, to intervene in these matters. Moreover, we ask that capsuleers refrain from interacting with, or taking, any elements that might be set adrift in space during the course of this assault."

Military cooperation between the empires on this scale has not occurred since the days of the Sansha War. Experts are unsure what the call for assistance could mean, with speculation running rampant. Some believe it is a new assault on Sansha’s Nation in order to end its incursions once and for all while others have claimed it has something to do with the unusual explosion detected several days ago.

Mallen is not ruling out anything. “We cannot risk revealing our hand by providing further information on the operation. Capsuleers will be briefed at the time of the operation at their rally points.”