Election turnout surprisingly good; narrow margin outcome expected

By Svarthol
The public elections where the citizens of the Federation vote on whether president Souro Foiritan can run again in two years time started yesterday. Political analysts had predicted a very low turnout, but first indications show otherwise. With the elections still only in their second day the turnout is already almost 20%, with three days still remaining.

The media is forbidden from making actual polls with the elections ongoing, but a few unofficial polls have been circulating. Again the analysts have been proven wrong, a strong turnout was thought to strengthen the president's cause, but the opposite seems to be true. Though the numbers are sketchy at the moment, only 40-45% of voters are supporting Foiritan. Spokesman for the president, Endt Strovare, declined to comment on these unofficial polls, apart from pointing out that in the presidential elections three years ago, Foiritan came from behind to narrowly win in the last couple of days. Although Strovare didn't go so far as to predict the same would happen now, he strongly hinted that this might be the case.