Election booths open tomorrow for Gallente pilots

By Svarthol
The first public elections in the Federation in two years are scheduled to start tomorrow at noon. Excitement is mounting, though turnout is predicted to be poor. The political future of president Foiritan may hinge on the results of these elections, even if they will have little direct implications for the ordinary citizen. Supporters of the president are counting on the goodwill of the general public and urging everyone to vote. The president's opponents in the Senate have in the meantime tried to besmear the motivations of Foiritan for pushing through his referendum on constitutional changes, questioning his stated reasons of wanting to personally eradicate the UDI terrorist network.

Political activists, of which there are plentiful within the Federation, are already forming picket lines in the major cities, prompting authorities to put their police forces on high alert. No major disturbances are expected though, as such activities have become the norm for every election. In fact, only a fraction of the protests has to do with the election itself, the majority revolving around social or economical issues.

The election booths will be open for five days, until next Sunday. All Gallentean citizens are eligible to vote. The results will be released early next week.

Update: The election booth is now open, cast your vote here.