Eifyr & Co respond to Tukoss messaging

By CCP Falcon

ELGOI – In a statement made this morning, Eifyr & Co have made an official response to the apparent reappearance of missing scientist Dr. Hilen Tukoss.

Tukoss was registered as a missing person with the Republic Security Services more than two years ago, after vanishing during the initial setup stages of the Arek’Jalaan project. Former Program Director at the Otosela Neuropsychology Center for Zainou Biotech, Tukoss defected to the Minmatar Republic in YC113 and claimed political asylum before joining Eifyr & Co.

Speaking on behalf of the corporation, and responding to public communications on GalNet by Tukoss in recent days, Public Relations Director Frelf Laer expressed her delight, saying, “The reappearance of Dr. Tukoss has allowed many of our staff to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that he appears to be safe and well. At this time, Dr. Tukoss has not attempted to re-establish contact with Eifyr & Co, however, we warmly welcome him back, and hope that he will be in contact as soon as he has caught up on current affairs.”

Asked to comment on the unusual nature of the communciations, Director Laer would say only that "Eifyr specialists in encryption and expert systems are studying the material closely." When approached for comment, both the Republic Security Services and Zainou Biotech declined the opportunity to respond to the reports of Hilen Tukoss communicating with capsuleers.