Directive Enforcement Department Detains Several Key Guardian Angels Members

By Alton Haveri

YULAI - A heavily armored transport arrived in Yulai this morning, carrying individuals believed to be members of the leadership of the Guardian Angels and Serpentis Corporation's narcotics distribution network.

Security has remained tight around the unknown number of detainees, who are rumoured to be key links in the narcotics trade in the regions of Solitude, Aridia, Syndicate Placid and Delve.

The undisclosed number of prisoners, believed to be in the region of fifteen individuals, were escorted to DED headquarters in orbit of Yulai X by a flotilla of CONCORD vessels, before being transferred to a detention center on the icy surface of the planet.

In a statement following the operation, DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren offered thanks from the CONCORD assembly to independent capsuleer pilots who "assisted in the destruction and disruption of Guardian Angels infrastructure over the course of the last two weeks, which contributed to the arrest of a number of individuals wanted for narcotics and human trafficking related offenses."