DED urges caution after rogue messages appear on hacked SCC billboards

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – The Directive Enforcement Department has issued a statement urging caution among capsuleers after the appearance of unauthorized messaging on SCC billboards across the cluster.

The messages, which began to appear at some time this morning, seem at this stage to be linked to the group of rogue pilots identifying themselves as “Valkyrie”, and urge capsuleers to attack Guristas assets in the wake of allegations that the pirate organization is performing unregulated human experiments on captured pilots.

Brigadier General Odo Korachi of the DED’s Genesis Fleet released a statement just moments ago, calling for caution among independent capsuleers when investigating exposed Guristas assets. In the statement, he recommended that “independent, commercially licensed capsuleers should proceed with extreme caution when investigating Guristas assets identified by this group of pilots. At this stage, their motive is unknown, and the Directive Enforcement Department is on high alert while a full assessment of the situation takes place.”

During the press conference, General Korachi also confirmed that “at this stage, intelligence suggests that these rogue pilots may be a splinter group, or a rogue cell of the Guristas which has turned against the organization” and that it is “very possible that this group of pilots may be born of the alleged experimentation that has been taking place”.

The Scope has also received unconfirmed reports from a notable source within the Caldari Navy that the Guristas Pirates appear to have established business relations with a newly emerged outlaw group identified only as “Schism”, after a Caldari Navy monitoring array in the region of Branch intercepted and partially decoded a series of transmissions between the two groups yesterday evening.