DED Monitoring Stations Warn of Increased Rogue Drone Activity; Possible Rogue Swarm Feared

By Lina Ambre

Yulai – CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has issued a notice that its monitoring stations set to watch the so-called "Drone Regions" and the major drone-infested deadspace pockets are seeing increased rogue drone activity. The Directive Intelligence Agency is assessing the rogue drone threat as "serious and rising".

This warning comes only days after the CONCORD Assembly had a session on cluster-wide security threats at which discussion of emergent threats such as Drifters and rogue drones was brief and lacked detail. Commentators were left unimpressed by DED General Odo Korachi's comments that the DED was "monitoring the emergent threat profile at all times."

Speaking today at a Caldari-Minmatar Border Security Summit on Hek V, Brigadier General Kegaira Raikanen of the Caldari State Peacekeepers noted that, "General Korachi's remarks left something to be desired as far as we who are working to improve security on the Osmon-Hek Corridor are concerned."

General Raikanen's counterpart in the Minmatar Republic Command, Kelkoon Colonel Sitmulf Olundur agreed, "Due to certain unfortunate accidents of history, we Minmatar are often at odds with our Caldari colleagues but on this matter we are in complete accord. It's as well that the Inner Circle at least have acted to improve our options for defense and security."

The mood among the professional officers at the summit was in general one of concern that another rogue drone swarming incident might be imminent. The Scope's own contacts in the field of emergent AI research, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the nature of their work, expressed concern that another rogue swarm breakout this year would indicate a major evolution in rogue drone behavior.