DED Continues Scope & Eifyr Questioning Despite Capsuleer Protest

By Yasda Hadoka

YULAI - The Directive Enforcement Department continues to hold two employees of The Scope along with one former Eifyr & Co employee in detention after the release of footage which has been confirmed to show parts of a broadcast believed to be the last known contact with former Zainou Biotech scientist Dr. Hilen Tukoss.

Nugoeihuvi can confirm that the broadcast is in the final stages of being analyzed by technicians from the Communications Relay Committee, with an Inner Circle session called for Wednesday to discuss the contents of the transmission and its potential effect on the DED's threat analysis of Drifter forces.

It is believed that should any charges be filed against either Eifyr & Co,The Scope, or any of their employees, that conviction could result in significant fines and potential incarceration for breach of several clauses in the Interstellar Corporate Espionage (ICE) Act YC36.

At this time, both Zainou Biotech and the Ishukone Corporation have approached the Chief Executive Panel to re-affirm their charges against Dr. Tukoss, who remains a wanted fugitive in the Caldari State on charges of desertion and theft of corporate property from the Ishukone biotech subsidiary. 

When contacted for comment, both Eifyr & Co and The Scope declined to elaborate further as to the status of their employees, or the ongoing investigation.