DED Confirms Death Of Tukoss, Eifyr Executes Will

By Alton Haveri

ELGOI - After dialogue with Eifyr and Co. this afternoon, The Scope can now confirm that the Directive Enforcement Department have formally identified the late Dr. Hilen Tukoss, and have passed on notification of his death to the corporation, which became his employer after his departure from Zainou Biotech in August YC113.

This move by CONCORD now frees up Eifyr and Co. to execute his will. However, when questioned during a statement made at their corporate headquarters, the corporation declined to comment on queries for further information on the final requests of Dr. Tukoss, maintaining that any details of final arrangements were the business of those involved.

When contacted regarding the handover of information to Eifyr and Co. the Directive Enforcement Department confirmed that Dr. Tukoss has been formally registered as deceased, with the official reasoning for death listed as "TEBS Failure" (Transneural Echo Burn Scanner Failure).

After further questions were raised, Brigadier General Odo Korachi, leader of the DED's Genesis Fleet, confirmed that all charges against the four capsuleers implicated in withholding information and remains of Dr. Tukoss have now been dropped, adding that "the inital analysis provided by Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd. has proved to be a valuable contribution to the investigation surrounding the disappearance and subsequent death of Dr. Tukoss."

At this stage, Eifyr and Co. have declined to comment further on the contents of the will of Dr. Tukoss, however a squadron of five Pacifier class frigates bearing DED markings were sighted this afternoon, travelling under Federation Navy escort through Verge Vendor toward the Caldari Border Zone, believed to be carrying the remains of Dr. Tukoss toward Piekura, his registered birthplace.