DED Confirms Age Of Tukoss Footage, Releases Detainees

By Alton Haveri

YULAI – The Directive Enforcement Department has released further information relating to footage that has now been confirmed to be the final broadcast from Dr Hilen Tukoss.

Speaking from DED Headquarters in Yulai, Brigadier General Odo Korachi confirmed that the origin of the footage was traced to a now disused FTL transponder in Eram, which further confirms that Tukoss may have been attempting to broadcast a final warning to his coworkers on the Arek’Jalaan Project at Site One.

General Korachi also confirmed reports that the transponder which captured the broadcast has been out of service for more than half a year, suggesting that the footage is at least six months old. The DED have however stated in the same release that they believe the footage could potentially have been broadcast more than a year ago.

As focus shifts toward revealing why the footage was concealed for so long, both Lina Ambre and Gaunia Octeyncaere have been released without charge and continue to assist with the Inner Circle investigation, while a still unidentified former employee of Eifyr & Co remains in DED custody without formal charges having been raised.

The Directive Enforcement Department have also confirmed a change of status for Hilen Tukoss from listed as a missing person to presumed dead, after revealing that “a significant amount of vessel telemetry extracted from the footage strongly suggests that Dr Tukoss did not survive the encounter with Drifter forces.”

Eifyr & Co. share prices declined sharply across interstellar stock exchanges this afternoon after rumors emerged that the action of withholding the footage may expose the corporation to charges of negligence leading to the death of an employee.

The Directive Enforcement Department have yet to comment on the outcome of the investigation or any formal charges that may be brought against corporations or individuals.