Day 1 Qualifying For AT10 Ends

By CCP Phantom


by ISD Magnus Balteus

The first day of Round 1 qualifying comes to a close as Northern Coalition. fires the last shots into what remained of The Veyr Collective's fleet.

The Merlin was the most fielded ship today with 24 of them seeing action. Survival rate was only 45.8% for these fragile frigates. The Sleipnir was the *only* command ship in use today with 18 fielded and a respectable survival rate of 66.7%.

Tengus continue to be a popular choice of combat vessel with 8 being fielded. Unfortunately, survival rate wasn't all that great with a survival rate of... hold on for it... 0.0%!

The Gallente Federation's new Talos battlecruiser debuted this tournament with 8 being fielded as well. They fared much better (relatively speaking) than the Tengus with a survival rate of 37.5%.

Where do these statistics come from? Want to find out more? All this and more are available on the Interstellar Correspondents' Alliance Tournament X portal site!

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