Corporations to sign sponsorship deals with candidates

By Svarthol
In the true spirit of lobbyism, the prolific pilot corporations can now sign up as supporters for one of the candidates competing for the presidency of the Federation. This will open up a formal path for them to follow later on, where the pilot corporations will compete amongst each other to become official sponsors of their chosen candidate. Apart from the rewards reaped for this, the victorious corporations will get to nominate one of their own to become an Emissary for the candidate in one of the six Federation regions. The eighteen Emissaries will then promote their candidate's cause, culminating on Election Day, when pilots get to vote their favorite Emissary.

The sign up phase will last for several weeks and is open to all pilot corporations interested in participating in the democratic procedures of the Federation. Once sign up is complete, the participating corporations start competing against each other with the aid of agents working for the candidates.