Contact lost with Caldari Prime, massive surface offensive underway

By CCP Falcon

BREAKING NEWS –The Federal Intelligence Office has released a statement to confirm that a massive surface offensive has begun against the Provist occupation force on Caldari Prime.

The announcement comes just moments after all communication with the surface of Caldari Prime was lost abruptly for the second time today, and the cities of Pakuri and Tovil were plunged into darkness as entire electrical grids have apparently been shut down.

Since the release, made by Federal Intelligence Office Director Mentas Blaque, wild speculation on the identity of the organization responsible for the offensive has begun to flood various media outlets after the FIO neglected to name those responsible. At this time there is a complete communications lockdown in place, with no reported flow of information between the surface and the Caldari Navy defense fleet that sits in low orbit.

A number of military tactics experts have indicated that the shutdown of communications may have been undertaken to render the Caldari orbital fleet unable to provide orbital support without reliable coordinates, and if so, the move may be the precursor to a full scale surface invasion of Caldari Prime.

A number of explosions large enough to be seen from low orbit have been reported around the city of Pakuri, and an entire battalion of combat dropships is reported to have been dispatched to the area by the orbiting Caldari Navy support fleet.