CONCORD vessel destroyed by Caldari Navy in Luminaire

By CCP Falcon

BREAKING NEWS – A Marshal-class battleship belonging to CONCORD was engaged and destroyed by the Caldari Navy fleet in orbit of Caldari Prime less than ten minutes ago.

General Odo Korachi, a senior commander with the Directive Enforcement Department, had been dispatched from Yulai to monitor the ongoing situation in Luminaire after the hostilities escalated to a full-scale military conflict this afternoon.

On arrival, his vessel was seen entering low orbit of Caldari Prime and deploying scanning equipment in an apparent attempt to assess the situation. The Caldari Navy responded with demands from Admiral Visera Yanala that the DED Officer vacate orbit of the planet immediately. After no response, the Caldari Navy repeated the demand and gave five minutes for the CONCORD vessel to withdraw, claiming that the DED was in violation of a Caldari Navy-enforced no-fly zone.

Reportedly General Korachi then refused to withdraw, explaining that he had been dispatched as a representative of the CONCORD Assembly to ensure that any conflict was occurring within the boundaries of the Yulai Convention. It is not known whether any further communication occurred between the two vessels, but moments later his vessel was engaged and destroyed by the Shiigeru and her support fleet.

The Caldari Navy action was met with immediate response by the Directive Enforcement Department, who have declared a state of emergency in Luminaire and announced that a full-scale traffic advisory and global suspect flagging of all pilots in the Luminaire system is imminent.