CONCORD Taskforce Pegasus Confirmed Lost in Drone Regions

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has confirmed the loss of a specialist taskforce deployed to investigate rogue drone activity across the Oasa, Malpais and Etherium Reach regions. The DED's Special Projects Office has offically listed Taskforce Pegasus as lost following cessation of all communications three days ago.

"Regrettably Taskforce Pegasus is now overdue on its third daily communication checkpoint and we must therefore declare the fleet led by the flagship Pegasus as lost with all hands missing in action," announced Chief of Operations Sato Kyrin of the Special Projects Office.

Pressed for details of the purpose of the Taskforce Pegasus mission, Chief Ops. Kyrin would only state that, "the taskforce was assigned to investigate signs of increased and changing rogue drone activity in that theater of operations."

The Scope understands that the Pegasus and its fleet had been tasked to investigate The Spire region in addition to Etherium Reach, Oasa and Malpais but communications were lost before the exploration tour could be completed. Chief Ops. Kyrin declined to comment further on the nature of the change in rogue drone activity detected by DED monitoring stations.

Despite their presence throughout New Eden, and the severe infestations in the "Drone Regions", the levels of rogue drone activity have been relatively contained since the major outbreaks that led to the Code Aria Inquiry of YC109. The Code Aria Inquiry report was subsequently leaked in early YC110 and is available through the Scope's GalNet archive.