CONCORD reveals key Serpentis locations after Upwell data handover

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – Using the sizeable reach of the Scope Network’s broadcasting service, the CONCORD Assembly has released the coordinates of thousands of Serpentis Corporation installations across New Eden.

An unprecedented move and the first of its kind after the Scope Network was granted its independent broadcasting license several weeks ago, the revelation has seen independent capsuleers across the cluster flock to earn the rewards currently placed on offer by the Scope, which include seized Serpentis assets that are now being used to rally pilots against the pirate organization.

As the Scope Network’s newest broadcasting channel came online at 11:14 NEST today, transmitting to every capsuleer’s Neocom, CONCORD reiterated its stance on assets, blueprints and equipment recovered from destroyed Serpentis installations, declaring them free salvage to the first pilot who stakes their claim.

Brigadier General Odo Korachi, commanding officer of the DED’s Genesis Fleet, also confirmed during the statement that “all standard CONCORD legislation surrounding capsuleer pilot versus pilot combat is still applicable within these designated locations. This is not a free for all, this is a controlled disposal of illegal installations belonging to an organization deemed as outlaw by the CONCORD assembly.

“We are aware of a significant number of Serpentis Corporation vessels gathered at some of these locations and the Directive Enforcement Department recommends caution in the vicinity of any of these installations.”

General Korachi closed his address by deferring to the Scope regarding rewards to be issued for the destruction of designated targets, formally absolving the DED of any responsibility for the issue of rewards, stating that “the issue of any reward for destruction of hostile assets lies with the Scope Network as a private, independent organization issuing private military contracts in accordance with the Yulai Convention.”

At this stage, more than ten thousand capsuleers are rumored to have already taken private military contracts with the Scope Network.