CONCORD issues Luminaire travel advisory in the wake of escalated conflict

By CCP Falcon

YULAI – The Directive Enforcement Department released a statement moments ago, declaring that a part of its fleet has been placed on high alert due to ongoing hostilities in the Gallente system of Luminaire. The announcement comes in the wake of an increase in hostile contact between Federal citizens still residing on Caldari Prime and the Provist occupation force that has been in place since the invasion of Luminaire on June 10, YC110.

Over the course of the last several days a number of attacks on Caldari Providence Directorate assets have been reported, including assaults against military and industrial targets in and around the cities of Tovil, Pakuri and Arcurio. A number of peaceful demonstrations and more intense riots have also been reported from within Gallente containment districts.

On Monday evening, a series of Provist checkpoints were attacked in southern Arcurio, resulting in the deaths of approximately 200 people. Four hours later the bombing of the 102 story Shintoko tower several kilometers away by an unknown group resulted in the building’s complete collapse and the loss of 892 lives. The building was in use as command headquarters for the Provist occupation force at the time of the attack.

When commenting regarding the elevated status of her fleet, CONCORD representative Arve Vesren assured the press that “all appropriate measures are being taken to ensure that the security of the Luminaire system remains intact.” She also added in her statement to the assembled interstellar press that “should the need arise to contain the situation, CONCORD may deem it necessary to issue travel advisories, or may see fit to restrict the flow of traffic in and around the system of Luminaire.“

Director Vesren was unwilling to answer questions relating to current events on Caldari Prime, however she did further ensure the public that “the situation is being closely monitored by CONCORD.”