CONCORD Inner Circle Statement on "Caroline's Star" and the "Thera" System

By CCP Delegate Zero

YULAI – CONCORD's Inner Circle today issued a preliminary statement regarding the stellar anomaly known as "Caroline's Star" and the revelation of a Sisters of EVE colony in the wormhole-accessed system known as "Thera". Given the significance of these events, the Scope has decided to reproduce this statement in full.

Inner Circle Preliminary Statement Concerning Superluminal Stellar Anomaly YC116-11-26 and the Emergence of New Unstable Wormholes

By Special Directive of the CONCORD Assembly Standing Presidium, the Inner Circle initially tasked all relevant agencies with urgent investigation and analysis of the superluminal stellar anomaly first detected on YC116-11-26.

In the light of subsequent events on YC116-12-09, involving the emergence of new classes of unstable yet navigable wormholes and the existence of an established Sisters of EVE colony in the system designated "Thera", the Inner Circle widened the scope of the inquiry to encompass these developments given the relatively high probability of a link to Superluminal Stellar Anomaly (SSA) YC116-11-26.

Inner Circle sought and gained the co-operation of the Sisters of EVE, and in particular the Sanctuary, with the efforts of the investigating group. As a result we are able to make an initial determination as to the status of the Thera system and ongoing operations in that system.

Our preliminary finding concerning SSA YC116-11-26 is that the origin point is located within the bounds of star system W477-P, constellation B-PHYN, region UUA-F4. The probability that the origin point is in fact co-located with the central star of W477-P is considered to be very high by the investigating group.

Our preliminary finding concerning the emergence of new classes of unstable yet navigable wormholes is that there is high probability of a link with SSA YC116-11-26. The investigating group considers that there is a strong time ordered correlation between SSA YC116-11-26 and the formation of the so-called "optimal pathways" that support coalescence of viable superluminal conduits for both energy and matter. More evidence is required before we can go beyond this initial evaluation.

The Thera system has been classified "Unclaimable" under the sovereignty provisions of the Yulai Convention. The extraterritoriality clauses of the sovereignty provisions are however considered to apply to the four operational Sanctuary stations located in Thera. The Sanctuary has acknowledged and agreed that the Yulai Convention applies in full to their stations in Thera. Under the convention, therefore, these stations will remain open to all traffic beyond the period of immediate emergency.

It is the view of the Inner Circle that the period of emergency in Thera is coming to a close. The Sanctuary has confirmed that search and rescue operations are being brought to an end. The re-establishment of full logistical support for the remaining stations is the most important of the remaining tasks, and this is progressing satisfactorily.

The above findings are strictly preliminary. The Inner Circle anticipates releasing a fuller, albeit interim, report in the coming days.


The Scope understands that the interim report referred to will be made available on request through standard CONCORD publication channels. No further comment has been forthcoming from CONCORD agencies or the Sisters of EVE.