CONCORD Ends Rogue Swarm Alert as Immediate Threat is Removed

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – CONCORD has formally cancelled the "Rogue Swarm Alert" it declared on YC119.06.13, after the destruction of over 1.5 million rogue swarm nests and the elimination of all but a few scattered remnants of the rogue swarm's network of "Overminds".

Briefing the press at Directive Enforcement Department HQ, Brigadier General Odo Korachi once more commended the capsuleer community for its "swift and sustained response to this major swarming event". General Korachi also noted that the rogue swarm nests had been dealt with highly efficiently and most Swarm Overminds had been destroyed with minimal casualties incurred.

The Scope's Ret Gloriaxx of the Galactic Hour asked if surviving elements of the swarm would be able to incorporate what they had learned into future rogue drone strategies and tactics. General Korachi responded, "This rogue swarm has been dispersed and its network of drone overminds is no longer considered a threat. However, it would be wise to consider all rogue drones capable of adaptive behavior and a severe danger to space vessels and installations."

While the danger from this rogue swarm has passed, General Korachi also confirmed that the DED's Special Projects Office would continue to monitor, evaluate and research the evolving rogue drone presence in New Eden.

In other CONCORD news, the transfer of Project Discovery to CONCORD oversight is believed to be close to completion, with a new exoplanets hunting program being prepared for the citizen science platform. The Scope will report as more details of the new Project Discovery program emerge.