CONCORD Confirms Issue Of Independent Broadcasting License to Scope Network

By Celene Duponte

ORVOLLE – The CONCORD Assembly has confirmed the issue of the cluster’s first Independent Broadcasting License today, in a joint press conference with the Scope.

Speaking on behalf of the Secure Commerce Commission from the Headquarters of the news organization, SCC Operations Director Ryde Froyer congratulated the Scope Galactic News Network on its recognition as the first truly independent news and current affairs broadcasting network in the cluster.

Remarking on the network’s huge growth in popularity among capsuleers and planetary citizens alike, Director Froyer commended the network’s “flawless journalistic integrity, outstanding service to news outlets across the cluster and incredible diversity in both broadcasting and programming.”

Attending the celebrations together were the two journalists who have shot to interstellar fame over the course of the last year as the Scope’s broadcast anchors, Lina Ambre and Alton Haveri. Both were decorated with CONCORD’s highest civilian award, the Platinum Star, for ‘outstanding and impartial service to journalism in the field, and in the newsroom’, after having spent almost two decades and thirty five years with the Scope respectively.

After becoming household names across the cluster, when asked for comment Ambre remarked that “the whole thing is absolutely incredible and I’m unbelievably proud of my co-anchor, Alton, and the tens of thousands of staff who work so hard to ensure that the Scope remains the premier source for news and current events in the cluster.”

Haveri appeared to be similarly elated, spending much of his time speaking with fellow journalists, while commenting that “the issue of the independent license is a fantastic leap forward for the Scope” and that he “couldn’t be more proud of the team at the Scope, and more blessed to have such a fantastic co-anchor, after such an incredible year of broadcasting.”

This new recognition for the Scope has led many to speculate that the network may choose to further loosen its ties with the Gallente Federation and its media industry, and could possibly look to branch out in future as an entirely independent broadcasting body.