CONCORD Confirm Rumors Of Investigation Into Serpentis Fleet Strength

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – CONCORD’s Directive Enforcement Department have confirmed investigations into Serpentis fleet capabilities are underway following reports from the Federal Intelligence Office of a military buildup by the renegade corporation. 

A source within the DED has informed the Scope they are aggressively pursuing the investigation but despite increased patrols across the cluster they are yet to encounter any evidence of so-called “supercapital” tech being operated by the Serpentis. 

The Scope approached the DED’s Brigadier General Odo Korachi for a statement earlier this morning and he issued a brief response. While he would neither confirm nor deny sightings of the tech, he has urged capsuleers not to take matters into their own hands and instead report any unusual activity to the DED. 

The unusual statement from General Korachi follows unconfirmed reports of a stolen copy of the FIO dossier on the Serpentis military buildup making its way into the hands of an entity known only as “The Deathless”. While being confused as to the exact status of “The Deathless”, these reports allege this identifier was recently used in the hiring of several mercenary corporations previously active on the planet Chandeille.  When questioned on this matter, Korachi refused to comment.