CONCORD Assembly Places Genesis Fleet and DED On High Alert

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – In a press release circulated just moments ago, DED Director of Operations Arve Vesren confirmed that she has placed the Directive Enforcement Department’s entire Genesis fleet on high alert, following widespread reports of hundreds of unidentified structures uncloaking across the cluster accompanied by the appearance of large numbers of vessels of unknown origin.

Speaking from DED Headquarters, Vesren urged the press to remain calm as she explained that the entirety of the DED’s active fleet have been “placed on high alert as a precautionary measure, designed to improve response times in the event of incidents relating to newly appeared entities across the cluster.”

Continuing with her address to the assembled interstellar press, she explained that “while the structures that appear to have uncloaked are of unknown construction and are on a scale never before seen, they appear to be benign in nature, and at this point pose no active threat.” She did however continue by stating that “the vessels accompanying these structures do appear to be heavily armed with weapons of unknown capability, and may respond aggressively if threatened or disturbed in any way.”

Initial reports suggest that capsuleers across the cluster have already begun attempting to establish contact with the newly appeared vessels. One report has even indicated that the mysterious new threats are fully capable of destroying capital ships piloted by capsuleers.