CONCORD and Upwell Agree Technology Sharing Deal with Scope Network to Act as Broker

By Celene Duponte

Orvolle – CONCORD and the Upwell Consortium have agreed a deal on the sharing of technology acquired by the consortium in raids on Serpentis Corporation shipyards and facilities by mercenaries working on its behalf. Notably, the Scope Network will play a key role in the deal, operating as a middleman and broker on behalf of CONCORD, Upwell and other interested parties.

The deal is believed to have been reached after an extraordinary intervention by the Scope's founder, FTL communications trillionaire Lous Chavol, and a major Scope Network stockholder, Cestelle Ambre. It is understood that Upwell Chairman Yani Sar Arteu and Upwell Security Chief Lars en Ramon met with members of the CONCORD Inner Circle, including the SoCT's Matshi Raish and the Gallente Federation's Devan Malate, at the Scope Development Studio orbiting Orvolle VI's first moon.

This deal comes after the extraordinary grant of an independent galnet broadcasting license to the Scope Network and places the media giant in the position of operating as an information, operations and technology broker between New Eden's empires, megacorporations and independent capsuleers.

Not seen in public for many years, the reclusive Lous Chavol is the owner of a major Gallente FTL communications backbone provider, Semiotique Superluminal, and has continued to hold the controlling interest in the Scope Network since he founded it. Cestelle Ambre is a noted high-tech and media sectors investment guru and it is believed that she has taken a close interest in the development of the Scope media empire. Perhaps related to this is that the Scope's Lina Ambre is the niece of Cestelle Ambre.

Brief statements from CONCORD and the Upwell Consortium have confirmed the outline terms of the arrangment and it is believed the Scope Network will quickly begin its brokerage operations using its access to the galnet FTL communciation system.