CONCORD Agencies Collaborate on Universal Timebase Measurement Research

By Ret Gloriaxx

YULAI – CONCORD officials have announced that they will be starting a new research effort to improve the measurement of CONCORD's universal timebase, currently used across all of New Eden and known as New Eden Standard Time.

Speaking to the purpose of this research, CONCORD Aerospace Public Communications Officer Lorienne Nesif said: "Marking the 120th year of the standard calendar agreed at the historic Yoiul Conference, CONCORD Aerospace and Project Discovery will be launching a new research program to improve the current methods used to measure time. The program will consist of a research mission, led by Dr. Holnar Reniret of Project Discovery, conducting several timebase measurements across New Eden."

Officer Nesif was joined at the press conference by Dr. Reniret, lead scientist for the timebase mission, to explain the scope of the research: "The mission is scheduled to start on the first Saturday of this year, January 6th. My team and I will be conducting a series of tests using newly developed time measurement instruments. During the mission we will be taking this equipment to various locations in New Eden, to compare the accuracy of the current universal timebase with the new measurements."

Officer Nesif added: "This event while focused on the success of the mission is also intended as a celebration of the Yoiul Conference, and of the very establishment of cooperation and lasting relationships among the empires more than 120 years ago. Therefore, capsuleer assistance and media coverage are more than welcome."

When asked about the destination of the mission, Officer Nesif would only state that "The mission will depart from the SCC Station in Yulai, where the research project is based, and the first stop will be Luminaire, to collaborate with a team of Gallente scientists". Neither Officer Nesif or Dr. Reniret would comment on the ongoing Rogue Swarm Alert, referring enquiries to the DED.