Concerns at Serpentis Military Buildup Passed to DED, say Federal Intelligence Sources

By Lina Ambre

VILLORE – The Federal Intelligence Office has communicated its "deep concerns" at the nature and extent of a reported recent military buildup of Serpentis forces to CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department, according to sources within the FIO. A dossier containing detailed analysis of the information available to the FIO is understood to have been passed to the DED. Its contents are reported to confirm rumors of a massive buildup of Serpentis naval forces, including the construction and deployment of newly-developed capital ships.

Most concerning of all, are credible reports of the development of a heavily armed and armoured variant of the Federation's Erebus-class Titan, following a rogue broadcast by the Serpentis Corporation during the ceremonies of the Amarr Succession Trials. The FIO believe that the Serpentis Corporation and Angel Cartel have collaborated in the development of a ship designated as a "Vanquisher-class Titan". The report is understood to confirm deployment of Serpentis designed capital vessels and warns of the impending deployment of so-called "supercapital" designs.

The Scope's sources have expressed their disquiet at "institutional complacency within CONCORD" as regards to the threat of pirate and outlaw organizations operating in the outer regions of New Eden. Although requests for comment were made by the Scope, none was forthcoming from CONCORD administration or DED command.