COLOSSUS Contestant Fires Prematurely, Kills 2 - Caldari Gaming Commission Perturbed

By Svarthol
This afternoon in an undisclosed system in The Forge, as Qualifier 5 for the Wiyrkomi Corporation's COLOSSUS team was getting underway, a contestant activated her weapons before the race was officially started, pod-killing two of her fellow contestants despite being explicitly warned by race coordinators that such behavior would result in disqualification.

The Caldari Gaming Commission has reacted to the news with much anger, immediately disqualifying the contestant in question and barring her and her corporation from any further sporting events held under the Commission's auspices.

"It's an absolute outrage," stated Airas Sukela, head of the Commission. "The blatant disrespect shown not just to the other contestants, but to the Commission and the Caldari State itself, is nothing short of a travesty. Completely outrageous."

Questioned as to his thoughts on those contestants who were killed, Sukela stated, "Yeah, that's terrible too."

State officials have remained tight-lipped as of yet regarding what action, if any, will be taken against the Curse Alliance, of which the offending contestant was a member.

"Obviously if these states are to be taken as sovereign entities in their own right, they must demonstrate that they are able to keep their subjects from willfully destroying honest-to-goodness sporting events held by other nations," said Kisiras Haakenen, Caldari Executive Panel Director of Public Relations. "The Panel has not decided to take any action as of yet, but it does feel that at this juncture a formal apology to the State would not go amiss."

The qualifier, the last of the Wiyrkomi qualifiers, went ahead as scheduled. The COLOSSUS Qualifier season is slated to end Friday, October 8th.