Cleanup Begins In Efu After Successful Treatment And Relocation of Kyonoke Survivors

By Lina Ambre

EFU - In the last hour Genolution has confirmed that the Kyonoke exposed decks on board their biotech production facility in Aridia have been vented to space, after the successful treatment, screening and relocation of more than 359,000 survivors of the outbreak that struck two of the facility's largest labs and its main medical center in mid February.

Working in conjunction with Poteque Pharmaceuticals, Genolution was able to stabilize and treat almost half of those trapped in the quarantine zone after unprecedented levels of collaboration between independent capsuleers and science teams from all four corners of New Eden. Once the survivors were stabilized, station administration staff opened airlocks across the three quarantined decks, exposing the area to vacuum in order to destroy whatever traces of the Kyonoke plague may remain.

It is expected that these parts of the facility will remain exposed to vacuum for at least 48 hours before being re-pressurized, in order for the recovery of more than 370,000 bodies and clean up of the laboratories to commence.

When contacted for comment, Poteque Pharmaceuticals were eager to highlight the efforts of independent capsuleers in the success of the Kyonoke Inquest.

In a statement by Stranders Achtan, Distribution Manager for Poteque Pharmaceuticals in Kor-Azor, which neighbours the region of Aridia and manages operations there, independent capsuleer alliance Phoenix Naval Systems were singled out for praise, after having recovered vital testing and treatment equipment which was apparently stolen during a period of unrest on board the Inquest Center. Elaborating on their efforts, the statement confirmed that "PNS were intricately involved in the recovery of a prototype PEI, or Portable Emergency Injector system which proved vital in the initial testing of Agent 0410, the antidote to the Kyonoke Plague."

In related news, the Directive Enforcement Department has opened a formal investigation into the whereabouts of the Kyonoke Inquest's Research & Development Director, Dr. Cador Veranne, who has been registered as a missing person since the conclusion of the Inquest. A number of independent capsuleers brought forward evidence of clone jacking during the Inquest - a practice outlawed across the cluster by the Yulai Convention - with some claiming the doctor's identity may have been assumed by someone with more nefarious intentions.

The Scope will continue to broadcast further on the outcome of the Kyonoke Inquest as more information becomes available.