Cleanup Begins In Aftermath Of Safizon Attack

By Lina Ambre

SAFIZON - The Amarr Navy suffered heavy losses today after a fleet of over 100 Drifter vessels arrived at their headquarters and main shipyards before engaging in a direct assault on patrolling Navy vessels.

Arriving in several waves at both the headquarters of the Amarr Navy and all five of the stargates leading out of the system, a number of groups of Drifter battleships, which have become colloquially known as "silverfish" by many capsuleers, appeared to be formed up in a well organized system of blockades across the system.

Numbering almost 150 in total, the Drifter vessels began a direct and unprovoked assault on a number of Amarr Navy and Amarr Navy Customs patrols, which saw reserve forces of in excess of 400 Imperial vessels drawn into the engagement. After a half hour long engagement, the vast majority of Imperial forces that had arrived on the scene were either destroyed, or formed up in full retreat for repair and re-arming.

With significantly reduced numbers from the first wave of defense by the Amarr Navy, the remaining Drifter Vessels were destroyed by a number of pilots from Curetores Veritatis Alliance who arrived on scene roughly thirty minutes after the inital engagement occured.

After being live, on site during the course of the engagement, The Scope can confirm, from independant telemetry gathered by our own surveying vessels, that in excess of three hundred Amarr Navy vessels were destroyed in the engagement, including more than forty Apocalypse Class battleships, and over a hundred and twenty Omen and Auguror class cruisers.

At this time there has been no official communication from the Amarr Navy as a number of search and rescue vessels from the Amarr Navy and the 24th Imperial Crusade have been sighted scouring wreckage for survivors and salvage.

Amarr Navy Crucifier class frigates attack several Drifter battleships in a spiral formation

A large number of Amarr Navy vessels were destroyed in what witnesses have called a sustained engagement

The Amarr Navy's response was swift, but "insufficient" in the opinions of a number of witnesses