CEP to question Executive Officer Mininela Erinen under oath

By CCP Eterne

New Caldari – The Chief Executive Panel has revealed that it will call Caldari Navy Executive Officer Mininela Erinen to testify before them on the matter of Admiral Visera Yanala's failed cloning. She will testify under oath, utilizing advanced stress gauges, facial analysis, and military linguistic algorithms to appraise the factuality of her statements.

The Executive Officer will appear before the tribunal on the morning of May 25th. According to the CEP, the questions will revolve around “Admiral Yanala's orders on the day of the Battle for Caldari Prime, her subsequent observance or refusal of those orders, whether the chain of command was properly followed in issuing the orders, the technical status of the cloning facility in which the Admiral was to have cloned, and the issues surrounding her clone's failure to properly activate.”

The Caldari Navy has said it will comply with the CEP's requests.