CEP, KK call for Heth's arrest

By CCP Eterne

Nonni – Kaalakiota Corporation has been granted a State-wide corporate warrant by the Caldari Business Tribunal for Tibus Heth's arrest on charges of malfeasance, misappropriation and embezzlement. The Chief Executive Panel has similarly announced that Heth is wanted under Caldari basic law for the murder of Admiral Visera Yanala, terrorism, and political extremism stemming from his takeover of the Caldari Constructions Warehouse in Haatomo.

Heth is wanted by the Kaalakiota for the theft of vessels he used to conduct his takeover of the Caldari Constructions station in Haatomo, as well as embezzlement of corporate resources used to fund the Caldari Providence Directorate over the course of several years. The megacorporation was forced to auction off countless assets to remain solvent following disclosure of Heth's long-term misappropriations.

The Chief Executive Panel has announced that it prefers Heth to be returned alive for a proper trial before the Caldari Business Tribunal, but has acknowledged that “capturing the renegade alive may not be possible.”