CEP dissolves State Executor position; Provists

By CCP Eterne

New Caldari – In the wake of Tibus Heth's denouncement as a terrorist and his continued absence, the Chief Executive Panel has declared it will abolish the position of Chief Executor. It has additionally disbanded the Caldari Providence Directorate.

The office of Chief Executor, which had been created for and solely held by Tibus Heth, held broad dictatorial powers over the Caldari State. There were some pundits who believed a new executive would be given the role. Instead, the CEP stated, “The role of Chief Executor was at odds with the foundations upon which the Caldari State was founded. The megacorps are nothing without their shareholders and workers. Allowing a single individual the ability to dictate business decisions and direction within the State was a mistake that should have never been made. We will not  extend that mistake into the future.”

The Provists, who have been in organizational chaos since the siege, are no longer a legal entity in the State. For the past several weeks they have mostly become inactive, as numerous individuals have denounced their membership. Those few holdouts who continued to serve their appointed duties were officially informed of the CEP's decision this morning and discharged from service.

The CEP has also reaffirmed the status of the Templis Dragonaurs as terrorists. Though they were never officially removed from the State's list of terrorist organizations, they maintained a close affiliation with the Provists and were increasingly being used in official capacities by the Heth regime.

Finally, the CEP reinstated the full powers of the Caldari Business Tribunal to adjudicate matters between the constituent corporations of the Caldari State. Its powers had been curbed by Heth beginning late last year, when several corporations took issue with his handling of the purge of 1st generation cloned soldiers.