CEP Confirms Final Death Toll On Oijanen II As State Armed Forces Prepare To Raze Myrskaa

By Lina Ambre

OIJANEN - The Chief Executive Panel has confirmed the total number of deaths caused by the outbreak of Kyonoke Plague in the City of Myrskaa, which saw the entire metropolis quarantined indefinitely in February, after several other outbreaks across the cluster.

In a statement to the interstellar press that was delivered by Odo Hakaalen, the Chief Executive Panel's Corporate Relations Director, it was confirmed that the number of deaths in the city has been calculated at a total of 14,716,509. The Myrskaa metropolitan area saw widespread devastation and was placed under martial law after a Kyonoke infected pilot, now confirmed by the State Armed Forces to be known Templis Dragonaur member Hiak Pakera, crashed landed on its southern outskirts.

The release of a death toll brings with it confirmation that a total of 40% of the population of Myrskaa have been wiped out by the Kyonoke Plague, with several Gallente civil rights groups attempting to pressure the Federal Government into bringing a wrongful death case against the State Armed Forces for the detainment of a number of Gallente Citizens inside the quarantine domes after the outbreak occurred. The State Peacekeepers have confirmed that the city will be razed for redevelopment on Sunday evening, however at this stage it still remains unclear which Caldari megacorporation will be awarded the multi-trillion kredit contract for reconstruction.

Across the border in Efu, the Genolution manufacturing facility that saw several of its decks locked down after an outbreak of the lethal pathogen has returned to what appears to be a state of normality, after the affected areas of the station re-opened on schedule this Monday. The refurbished laboratories were toured yesterday by a delegation from the Society of Conscious Thought that included Elder Mentor Matshi Raish, the Society's delegate CONCORD's Inner Circle.

Similarly, the situation in Muttokon appears to have moved to a resolution as Freedom Extension's south side space elevator began atmospheric transit of goods and passengers yesterday evening after brief delays for additional safety inspections. Eifyr & Co have confirmed that the remaining survivors of the outbreak in the Republic have been treated and evacuated from the decommissioned platform that now rests dormant in high-orbit of the planet. The Republic Security Services have also confirmed that the decommissioned platform will be destroyed on Sunday, when it will be de-orbited into the atmosphere of Muttokon II. It is expected that the structure will burn up over the planet's southern Kis'taak Ocean.

In the Federation, Poteque Pharmaceuticals have confirmed that the RP4 facility in Postouvin has now been completely cleared, and that in the coming days the Federal Intelligence Office will move in to begin investigating the cause of the outbreak there. At this stage, the loss of more than seven million lives in the outbreak on board the facility has been attributed to Caldari fugitive Akira Kasaras, although her motives and her ties to those believed to be the cause of the other outbreaks, which have claimed a total of more than twenty two million lives across the cluster in the space of just six weeks, are not yet known.

The Scope will continue to report on this story as it develops.