Catiz I Addresses Capsuleers And Imperial Guard after Historic Day In Dam-Torsad

By Alton Haveri

AMARR – Empress Catiz I has stirred speculation among political analysts across the cluster after a rousing first public address to the Imperial Guard and capsuleers in orbit of Amarr Prime this evening.

Speaking publicly for the first time as head of state on board the Avatar class titan TES Purity, flagship for the Imperial Guard’s Throne Worlds Fleet, Empress Catiz spoke of a new era for the Amarr Empire under her rule, with focus on bolstering the strength of the Imperial economy, rejuvenating the Imperial Armed Forces to combat ongoing threats to the Amarr people, and renewed foreign policy that will see the Empire more open to foreign trade than ever before.

Empress Catiz also took time to offer her thanks to independent capsuleers for assistance rendered to IAF in combatting the extremist group “Purity of the Throne”, who have been forced into full retreat after a relentless series of raids by capsuleer groups across the cluster. She further emphasized that loyalist capsuleer forces have a larger than ever role to play in protecting the safety and security of the Empire, announcing a grand expansion of capsuleer military training that will begin in quarter four of YC118.

Speaking before an almost three thousand strong audience of capsuleers in orbit of Amarr Prime, as well as senior officers of the Imperial Guard, the Empress was only briefly interrupted as two pilots from Rote Works, a rumored subsiduary of the notorious alliance Rote Kapelle, attempted to halt the celebration by detonating two Providence class freighters packed with explosives alongside TES Purity. The resulting explosion did significant damage to the vessel's starboard side flank, blasting away her outer armor and shell plating, which caused a series of structural fires. These appeared to be extingushed over the course of the subeequent half hour as the newly crowned Empress continued her address, seemingly unaffected.

The Imperial Guard has already responded to press requests for further information regarding the damage sustained by TES Purity, confirming that the vessel will return to Safizon, where she will remain gravdocked for eight weeks whilst repairs and a full reactor and propusion inspection are carried out. Details of any casualties on board TES Purity were however withheld by the Ministry of War.

A spokesperson also confirmed the Imperial Guard's authorization for the destruction of a Paladin class Marauder piloted by Lysus, Champion to Aritcio Kor-Azor in the YC118 Succession Trials, after blasphemous behavior during the address. The execution was carried out by independent Amarr Loyalists on order of Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon, Grand Master of the Order of St. Tetrimon.

Despite her rousing words and revelations of plans for a more progressive Empire, the address made by the Empress has been somewhat overshadowed in the media by an unprecedented meeting between herself and Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor, leader of the Minmatar Republic, following her coronation this afternoon. Onlookers commented that both parties seemed in good spirits, sharing what appeared to be jovial conversation over the course of almost a half hour in the banquet hall of the Imperial Palace in Dam-Torsad.

Sanmatar Shakor made headlines earlier today with his surprise arrival in the Imperial Capital, throwing the Amarr and Matari press into disarray, before causing even more controversy with his choice of guest for the coronation ceremony as he arrived at the Basilica of St. Gheinok the First Prophet with Keitan Yun, former Matari Ambassador to the CONCORD assembly, as his guest.

Official images of the coronation and the subsequent reception released by Amarr Certified News show Sanmatar Shakor sporting traditional black Brutor Tribe robes, his ornate Khumaak strapped across his broad shoulders. Many of the images show the leader of the Tribal Council conversing with Empress Catiz whilst she is still dressed in full coronation regalia, the golden crown of Holy Amarr perched on top of her intricately braided hair.

With official affairs now winding down after a momentous day in the Amarr capital, the spotlight now turns on the city of Dam-Torsad itself as elaborate pyrotechnic displays light up the skies, and citizens of the Empire prepare for a week of celebrations to mark this auspicious event which will culminate on Friday evening with the ceremony of Shathol'Syn.