Capsuleers Refuse Tukoss Handover – Situation Intensifies

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – The Directive Enforcement Department has struck out at a group of capsuleers after their refusal to hand over remains believed to be that of former Zainou Biotech scientist Dr Hilen Tukoss for formal identification and burial.

The group of four, who are part of a team who discovered the wreckage and remains earlier this month in the uncharted system of J174618, have publicly refused to turn over biomass to the DED after requests were made earlier this month.

The group, led by Makoto Priano of Itsukame-Zainou Hyperspatial Inquiries Ltd, defied the Directive Enforcement Department and publicized the demand to turn over the remains of what is believed to be the leader of the now stalled Arek’Jalaan project in an attempt to garner public support.

When contacting the DED’s office of press, The Scope were informed that the request was made by the DED “to allow for formal legal identification and missing persons processing”, and from the same conversation The Scope understands that pilot Lucas Raholan has refused to hand over the remains of Dr. Tukoss, which were brought aboard his vessel during the expedition. This led to a final demand being issued yesterday, including the notification that failure to comply with interstellar law would have potentially serious ramifications for the capsuleers and organizations involved.

A little over an hour ago, Fleet Marshal Arve Vesren, Director of Operations for the Directive Enforcement Department, made a public statement regarding the situation, declaring the actions of the pilots involved as an “abhorrent anti-authoritarian display of personal pride” and listed a number of further sanctions that may be enacted, including the potential for corporate sanctions against the employers of the four capsuleers involved.

When contacted directly for comment on communication with the capsuleers involved, Brigadier General Odo Korachi responded by saying “these people have no intention of respecting the memory of a good man who gave his life in the pursuit of science and his passion for knowledge. This is another case of capsuleers who become desensitized enough that a cloning contract dissolves the value of a human life. These people have no respect for the dignity of a man who was killed honorably in action.”

Continuing, he added that “the DED has been in contact with both the Chief Executive Panel and the Court Chamberlain in an attempt to bring what is, frankly, a disgusting situation to a resolution that will allow the remains of Dr. Tukoss to be treat with a suitable level of dignity and respect.”

When questioned regarding his knowledge of Dr. Tukoss and his time spent as a test pilot for Ishukone, General Korachi declined to comment further, adding simply that “regardless of the circus act these people appear to be performing, the Directive Enforcement Department will ensure that justice is served.”

On contacting the Chief Executive Panel, The Scope was informed that the Caldari State “no longer claims any affiliation or responsibility for the actions or wellbeing of Dr. Hilen Tukoss since the revocation of his State citizenship” before further comment was declined.

The Office of the Imperial Chancellor responded directly to questioning, describing the situation as “a grotesque folderol” criticizing the Directive Enforcement Department for its heavy handed actions, while simultaneously condemning the desecration of the remains of Dr. Tukoss by capsuleers.

When questioned regarding the involvement of Imperial citizens, the office of the Court Chamberlain responded that it would “file a motion to strip titles, along with ownership of property and land from any citizens of the Amarr Empire involved” in what the organization described as “the desecration of the remains of a prolific and brilliant scientist.”

The Directive Enforcement Department has yet to comment further after making its demands public. The full release from Fleet Marshal Arve Vesren can be found here.

In line with requests from the DED, The Scope will refrain from broadcasting a special news report on this incident, after handing additional footage to the DED in order to assist with the ongoing investigation.