Capsuleer Research Group Claims Discovery of Secret Research into Neural Implants

By Lina Ambre

Orvolle – Capsuleers of the Arataka Research Consortium [ARC] have claimed the discovery of a new form of neural implant technology in "a hidden laboratory complex in [Caldari] State territory", according to a recent posting on the Capsuleer GalNet channel "Intergalactic Summit".

Capsuleer researchers from ARC have since reported success in reproducing and testing a "neural lace" technology codenamed "Blackglass" that is apparently capable of increasing the strength of network intrusion viruses. Reported downsides are said to be a lowering of the stability of such hacking viruses, making them vulnerable to network countermeasures. Any other downsides to this technology remain unknown.

The research group's ARC Studios have made available to the Scope for syndication their report in "The Discourse", including an analysis of their discoveries so far.

The Scope has reached out to CONCORD's Interstellar Technology Audit and Inspection Office but received only a statement that: "CONCORD continues to strongly recommend against the use of unknown and untested technologies that have not been audited under the terms of Directive Alpha Gamma 12 of the Yulai Convention."

In related news, the ARC has continued to pursue legal remedies against the FIO through the Gallente Federation legal system relating to the "Hope for All Act" passed by the delegates to the Kyonoke Inquest under emergency provisions of the Yulai Convention. While legal scholars are divided as to the merits of the case, it appears that the Orvanne Federal District Court has indicated its willingness to receive briefs. It is unclear how soon there will be any resolution to this complex matter but the Scope will continue to follow developments.