Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

By Svarthol

Y113.05.01 - Y113.05.31. 

This month has again been dominated by the on-going war between the Drone Region Forces (DRF) and the Northern Coalition (NC). After rumours of an organised retreat by the NC from the regions of Geminate and Vale of the Silent with the intent of fortifying the Tribute region, all stations within the largely abandoned regions have fallen to the DRF. The changing hands of these regions has however not been without loss for the NC; the NC-aligned alliances which inhabited them previously have fallen in number by more than five thousand capsuleers.

The EVE Central Bank has noted that insurers have been feeling the increasing cost of this conflict, with over 25,000 capsuleer ships and structures being destroyed in that area during the month of May. CONCORD reports on these ship losses indicate that the DRF were behind the destruction of over half, with around 6,000 losses being caused by the NC. Large numbers of neutral entities have also been getting involved in the conflict, enjoying the opportunity to attack groups from either side of the war.

In the south of EVE, elements of the DRF have lost a substantial amount of territory to alliances taking advantage of their military presence being held up in the north of New Eden. Against ALL Authorities and RED.Overlord have led the takeover, capturing both the Omist and Tenerifis regions so far.

Speculation on capsuleer communication channels indicate that the DRF forces who have lost this territory have no significant plans to mount a defence, choosing to focus on the northern battlefront. This decision could largely be attributed to the much higher value of the newly conquered territory in the north, with that area being the home to most of the incredibly valuable and highly sort after Technetium-laden moons within known space.

June looks set to be the most active month so far in this war. The DRF seem set to begin attacking what has been nicknamed "Fortress Tribute", the capital region of the NC. 

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