Capsuleer Outer Region Political Summary

By Svarthol

Y113.01.14 - Y 113.01.31

The focal area over the last two weeks continues to be the Fountain region, with pressure mounting on IT Alliance (IT). The key outpost system of 6VDT-H, which was IT's staging area in the region, was subject to an around-the-clock siege by the Deklein Coalition starting on the 27th. The system fell four days later in the afternoon of the 31st, with TEST gaining sovereignty that evening. IT Alliance and its allies did not appear to undertake any large scale efforts to lift the siege of the system.

Meanwhile, two member corporations of IT, FinFleet and x13, left the alliance citing disagreements with the leadership structure. The loss of the large number of supercapital vessels owned by these corporations is considered by many to be a heavy blow to the capacity of IT Alliance to project its power. The two corporations have since formed a new alliance together, Raiden., who have taken residence in the Detorid region.

The mercenary alliance Pandemic Legion launched a new campaign, assaulting key objectives of the Deklein Coalition. Thus far, they have been successful in incapacitating several jump bridge links and attacking capital ship assembly arrays in the area. There is a great deal of speculation over the possibility that this campaign is being funded by IT Alliance, which considering the timing and nature of the attacks appears highly probable.

In the southeast, The Initiative has lost almost all of its territory after declaring its intention to withdraw from conquerable null sec, losing in excess of thirty stations in two weeks. This comes after a prolonged conflict with Against All Authorities, which started in September of last year. During this conflict, INIT and allies at one point successfully managed to push .-A-. from all of its nullsec holdings. However, this success did not last, with continued pressure from .-A-. and allies allowing them to slowly retake their territory. 

White Noise and Red Alliance have been seen to gain significant territorial holdings from this, gaining most of the stations within the Immensea and Tenerifis regions.

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